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In this PHP tutorial, you’ll learn PHP from complete scratch. This PHP tutorial will also guide you through setting up the local server on your system. Suitable examples are provided against each topic for better understandings and self-help exercises are also there to help you improve your self-learning ability. Popular PHP interview questions are also there to help you crack PHP job interviews.

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is specifically used for web development and it is server-side scripting language. By the terms Server-Side means that, the code written in PHP can be executed only on server, unlike other scripting languages like jQuery ( which can be executed on client-side or browser).

PHP and HTML codes can be written in a same file.

PHP can be used to make websites dynamic and interactive as per user requirements.

PHP is widely-used, free and open source.

PHP 7+ is the latest stable PHP release.

PHP Tutorial Basics :

– Introduction

– Setting up the environment.

– PHP Syntax

– Variables in PHP

– Print and Echo in PHP

Data types in PHP

Arrays in PHP

Constants in PHP

Operators in PHP

PHP Superglobals

PHP functions

Conditional Statements in PHP

if statement | php

– switch case | php

for loop | php

– while, do-while loop | php 

foreach loop | php


Form Handling | php

– Form Validation | php

– Cookies | php

– Sessions | php

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