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This article is about introduction to PHP.

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is specifically used for web development and it is server-side scripting language. By the terms Server-Side means that, the code written in PHP can be executed only on server, unlike other scripting languages like jQuery ( which can be executed on client-side or browser).

PHP and HTML codes can be written in a same but the file must be saved with PHP extension.

PHP is used to make dynamic websites in general where the content can be changes based on user requirements, actions or inputs.

Prerequisite to learn PHP ?

As said above, PHP is used to create dynamic websites, so one must have a basic understanding of the following in order to start learning PHP –



– jQuery or JavaScript

Why Learn PHP in 2020 ?

If you’re thinking or heard that PHP is dead than you’re completely wrong here. PHP is used by 78.9% websites throughout the world.

Though PHP is getting tough competition from Java and Python but the latest release of PHP 7 made is quite fast and better than ever. Even the World’s most popular framework WordPress is developed using PHP.

PHP is specific to website development and there are changes that it is going to get lots of improvements because of it’s specific nature.

There are lots of popular frameworks developed in PHP, Laravel is most popular among them and it is used by most of the small to very large industries.

Characteristics of PHP | Introduction to PHP

There are some more reasons which makes PHP a best choice among website development –

 – PHP can run on all major operating systems (Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS)

 – PHP is supported by almost all servers available (Apache, IIS, etc.)

 – PHP is compatible with wide rage of databases (MySQL, Maria DB, Oracle etc. )

 – PHP is free to use and very easy to learn

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