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JAVA is one of the most popular and widely used programming language. This Java tutorial is going to help you learn java programming for free. This online Java tutorial is designed in such a way so that you can easily understands from basic to advanced Java concepts. Each section is loaded with suitable examples to learn and practice easily. After the end of each section some self-help exercises are also there to increase your logical abilities. Also, in the end you’ll find some Java interview questions which are going to help you in cracking Java interview. If you’re a college student or a company employee looking to learn Java, then this Java tutorial is designed for you.

Happy Learning 🙂

Why learn Java ?

Java is easy to write and easy to run—this is the main strength of Java and why many developers program in it. When you write Java once, you can run it almost anywhere at any time.

Before getting deep into this Java Programming Language. Let see why one should learn Java. There is a long list to tell you Why you should learn Java? but let me tell yous some important points –

  1. Most commonly used programming language in the world – According to oracle, there are 3 billions devices that run on Java.
  2. Best language to learn programming (like C,C++) – Java is a solid core language for web and non-web environments. All operating systems, all types of devices, you’ll find Java everywhere. So you’ll learn a language, but you’ll also learn some key programming concepts as well. It is an Object Oriented Programming Language, and can provide you a solid base to learn general programming.
  3. Very big community – Java is almost 30 years old now (Java 1.0 was released in 1995). This is going to help you in many ways. There are lots of resources and communities available online that can help you with problems you might face.

There are many other reasons like it is among one if the top paying programming language. Because of it’s been around so long, you can easily find like-minded talents that can help you with your problems.

What is Java used for ?

As mentioned above, oracle claims that more than 3 billion devices run Java, so it may be around you in any form. Java is used in various places in real-world, starting from commercial e-commerce websites to android apps, scientific applications, home appliances, trading apps, electronics gadgets and the list goes on.

The core of Android Programming is Java.

What you should learn Java ?

With this Learn Java Programming course, you’ll be able to grasp the fundamentals of programming concepts, object oriented programming (OOPs) concepts using Java. You’ll be able to build some projects and there are many examples to help you practice along the way.

Getting Started

  • Introduction to Java
  • Introduction to JVM
  • JDK vs JRE
  • Java SE vs Java EE vs Java ME
  • Setting up Java Environment
  • Important terms related to programming
  • The main method in Java
  • First Java Program
  • Structure of a Java Program

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