Identify what technology any website is using

If you’re interested to know or identify what technology is being used by any website of your interest, then you’re not alone.

There are mainly three reasons for which you would like to know which technology the website is using.

First, you are a web developer and would like to make a website similar to the one you’re checking.

Second, you’re doing a market survey or creating any kind of report

Third, you’re a security expert and would like to know which technology the website is using so that you can create your test cases easily.

How to know the technology any website is using ?

There are number of free tools available that you can use to the test the technology used in any website like, framework, CMS, operating system, server etc. –

Let me share the top three from my list –


This is known to have one of the oldest tool. It can help you with the following information –

  • Background – title, first seen, ranking, language, description
  • Network – nameservers, ip-address, registrar, hosting country etc.
  • Hosting History
  • Front-end technologies used
  • Back-end technologies used
  • and many more…
Identify technology used by websites
Netcraft Tool

Built With – Identify website technology

As the name suggest, this tool will help you which technology any particular website is built with, it can also provide a list of related technologies and trend graph in very impressive graphs form –

Go ahead and give it a try

builtwith website technology checking tool


Wappalyzer is an extension that you can use with your browser to know the technology used within the website you’re currently browsing. I can provide you with following details –

  • CMS Used (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc)
  • Programming language used
  • Plugins
  • Frameworks
  • Fonts
  • and many more ….
Wappalyzer Chrome Extension

If you are aware of any tool and want me to add in the list above, just comment below and I’ll surely add that tool here.

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