How to install Xdebug on Ubuntu Linux

If you’re looking to install Xdebug on your Linux based machine so that you can test your cool and complex PHP code then follow this guide.

This is a step-wise guide where you’ll learn how you can install Xdebug on your linux based system. Before we go ahead make sure you’ve lamp stack installed on your system and your PHP version is 7+.

First of all download the correct file to ma

Get me the correct file

In the next step, execute the following command from your terminal to get the pre-requisites for compiling PHP extensions –

Now, unpack the downloaded file with the following command –

(make sure to change the filename here to match your downloaded file)

Enter into the folder where you’ve extracted your file –

Now execute following commands to compile your package –

Now edit your php.ini file and add the Xdebug extension to it using the following line –

Make sure to add this line below the line for OPcache.

Now restart the webserver. Happy debugging ! 🙂

Comment below your queries and issues if any.

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