Best Download Manager for Ubuntu 20.04 Linux

Are you struggling with failed downloads without resume capability and looking for the best download manager for Ubuntu 20.04 ? Then this article will help you choose the best download managers for your requirements –

Best Download Managers for Linux Ubuntu 20.04

When it comes to Download Mangers, we always go for the one that is actually free and easy to use with the features we need. Let me take you to the list of best three download mangers and you can choose anyone of them based on your requirements and ease of use.

Xtreme Download Manager

Linux users who just switched from Windows usually like XDM as it has interface similar to IDM (Internet Download Manger). This download manager is very easy to install and very easy to use. Here are some of it’s supported features –

  • Resume Capability
  • Force Assemble
  • YouTube Video Down loader
  • Browser Extension

How to install XDM (Xtreme Download Manger) in Ubuntu, Linux

In order to install XDM in Linux, visit the following link and extract the downloaded folder and go through Readme file

Once downloaded, you can navigate to the downloaded folder and then run the following command from your terminal –

uGET Download Manger

uGET is another fully-featured, free, open-source and easy to use download manager for linux. It comes with almost all the features that a good download managers must have. You can check out some of it’s features below –

  • Resume Capability
  • Creating Queue
  • Clipboard Monitoring
  • Scheduler

How to install uGET in Ubuntu, Linux ?

uGET download manager can be installed easily from the Ubuntu Software manger but you can add the official ppa for latest version. Run the following commands one by one to install uGET –

If you’re using any another download manager and want me to add it in the list above, just comment below.

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